Into Aged Care Quality and Safety

What to do (hopefully) before you receive a letter.

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety will touch all areas of the aged care sector – large and small providers, not-for-profit and for-profit providers and providers in all parts of Australia including city and rural providers. It will focus on all forms of Commonwealth-funded aged care services, whatever the setting or environment in which those services are delivered. This will include home care and respite care, in addition to care provided in a residential care facility.

Indications from the recent submission request to the largest 100 aged care operators suggest that providers may receive requests from the Commission to provide substantial information in short time frames.

It is therefore imperative that providers are prepared and have the ability to respond to requests quickly and in an accurate, complete and concise manner. Any providers whose responses fall below public expectations risk criticism or action by the Commission and adverse media attention.

While the scope of the Terms of Reference is wide ranging, it is evident that a significant focus will be on the exposure of individual incidents of abuse and neglect within the sector, as well as failings in providing adequate quality of care to, and protecting the safety of, care recipients. However, references in the Terms to “examples of good practice and innovative models”, “future challenges and opportunities for delivering accessible, affordable and high quality aged care services” and “increased use of technology” will give providers an opportunity to demonstrate their organisation’s good practices to the Commission.

What is clear is that the effect of the Commission will be far reaching. Its impact on aged care providers and reform of the aged care sector will be significant and will touch all sector stakeholders.

It is important that all providers get their houses in order now!

Download a brochure on how the Royal Commission will operate.

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What can I do to prepare?

Take the first step today

Understand how Royal Commissions operate

Know what to expect, including the Terms of Reference, and what to do if contacted.

Gather & Prepare

Structure your documents; review your policies; identify key personnel.

Identify, Action and Plan

Identify which external advisors you need on your team for advice & representation.

Who can we ask?

Aitken Partners provide legal services as part of ACDN’s Network of Experts. They have set up an Aged Care Royal Commission advice line so any size provider can call for advice without fear of receiving a large bill.


Aitken Partners

Aitken Partners is a premium level Melbourne based law firm offering a range of services to business, private and not for profits. We have significant and current experience in the relevant areas of:

  • the Health & Aged Care Industry
  • Elder Law
  • Royal Commissions and
  • other investigative regimes and multi party investigations.

Aitken Partners has put together an in-house team to advise clients through the duration of the Commission.

Their team includes principal lawyers who are either independently rated for their expertise or are accredited specialists in Aged Care & Health, Estates & Succession Law, Elder Care and Dispute Resolution.

They see their role as guiding their clients through the legal aspects of the Commission process, assisting them to balance their legal risks and obligations with due regard for commercial outcomes and preservation of reputation.

Download a brochure on Aitken Partners & their Royal Commision support services.

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Why choose Aitken Partners?

Big enough to cover all areas. Small enough to support small providers as well as big ones.

Aged Care Experts

Aitken Partners have represented multiple aged care providers for many years. Including complaints resolution schemes; non-compliance and sanctions reviews; aged care legislation compliance; selling, purchasing & building facilities; resident agreements; and policies & procedures.

Royal Commission experience

Aitken Partners have experience in both Royal Commissions and other multi party investigations. They understand how Royal Commission’s operate, as well as how companies need to respond when contacted by the Royal Commission for either a submission or to appear.

Help First. Money Second.

Aitken Partners understand that the majority of aged care providers are either standalone or small groups. Most of whom have never been involved in a Royal Commission and have a tight budget. Therefore they have structured their support in different tiers so that all providers can access assistance.

Want to talk to someone today about your situation?

Contact Ric Birkett (Principal Lawyer) – 03 8600 6071 or [email protected]