What is a Mobile Shower Trolley?

Most of you have heard about mobile shower trolleys, but you might not have an idea what this is. A mobile shower trolley is simply equipment that is used to help the elderly, disabled people or patients with mobility issues to manoeuvre with a lot of ease, privately and independently, especially in the bathroom.  Mobile shower trolleys are usually waterproof wheelchairs that are specially manufactured to simplify showering and toileting for people who require help in these tasks.


How are Mobile Shower Trolleys Helpful?

Mobile shower trolleys are beneficial to patients as well as their caregivers in a number of ways.  If you want to learn how mobile shower trolleys can be helpful for you or your patients, read this section for more information;

  • Mobile shower trolley enhance the security of the patients

Anyone who has a health problem or condition that limits their mobility requires all the help they need in showering and toileting.  Their personal care should always be done in an environment that is safe and comfortable for them.  People who have not heard about mobile shower trolleys have to change their patients in very terrifying places such as in the bathroom floors which can be challenging to the patients.

The main reason why they will have to be in such a situation is that those giving them care do not have the required equipment to use.   Fortunately, when you invest in the mobile shower trolleys you are always sure that your patients will always be safe since the trolleys have an excellent design with solid safety rails on the sides that enhance its safety.  Therefore, when you are bathing or toileting the patients on the mobile shower trolley, you are always guaranteeing their safety.

The mobile shower trolleys also have a locking system in their wheel preventing the mobile shower trolley from moving when the trolley should not be in movement.  They also have non-slip foot pedals and brakes that are designed specifically for wet floors. This means that the trolleys are safe for the patients in all kinds of floors due to these features that enhance their safety.

  • Mobile shower trolley makes life easier

All careers require equipment that will make their life easier when they are showing their patients or changing them. A mobile shower trolley provides a user- friendly solution which helps the carer have an easier time when showering or changing the patients.  This is because the mobile shower trolley has wheels which make manoeuvrability easier.

  • They enhance the hygiene of the patients

Imagine that you are taking care of patients or people with mobility issues but you do not have equipment that can allow you to give them a shower easily. This means that you will not have the urge to shower them daily. However, when you have a mobile shower trolley, you will always have an easier time showering and toileting your patients and therefore, you cannot miss giving them a shower when required.  Therefore, the mobile shower trolley helps in enhancing the hygiene of the patients.

  • They have adjustable height frames

The other feature that makes the mobile shower trolley a great investment is the fact that they have adjustable height frames. For this reason, patients can get in and out of the mobile shower trolley with so much ease.


What Important Should You Know Before Buying a Mobile Shower Trolley?

In case you are planning to buy a mobile shower trolley, you have to make sure that you know several things . However the most important thing you must know is to operate the mobile shower trolley. There are several tutorials that you can watch or even read guides written by professionals. This way, you will have an idea of how the mobile shower trolley works even before you invest in them. Several mobile shower trolleys brands offer different features. Choose the best one that will fit your purpose and your budget.


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